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Products > Programmable Pattern > SPS/B-2211HS-22

Max Speed : 2000RPM(Stitch Length 3mm and Less)
Sewing Area : 
220 mm X 110 mm / 8.66 x 4.33 inch


  • Specification

     Max. Sewing Speed(spm)

           2,000spm(Stitch Length 3mm and Less

     Max. Stitch Length

                           0.1mm - 12.7mm


                           DP x 17(#18 - 22)


                          Large Shuttle Hook


                              USB TYPE

     Number of input Stitches

                           360,000 Stitch

     Main Motor

                        500W AC Servo Motor


                    3Phases 200-440V, 50/60Hz



  • Feature

    - Direct Drive System, newly developed by SunStar, means the motor is attached to the machine head directly. As the system        connects the AC SERVO Motor to the upper shaft using the coupling, the machine provides improved responsiveness and  upgraded stopping accuracy so it is optimum for high qualitiy sewing.

    - Direct drive system makes the installation job much easier and offers safe working environment.

    - By through study on the every mechanism related to sewing, we have finally realized marvelous sewing speed, 2,000 spm

  • Technology


     . Easy and Simple Operation

     . Execllent Applicability

     . Wonderful Input & Output

  • Machine Video