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Products > Programmable Pattern > Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine-Head Lifting(Richpeace)

The main parameters

1,Suitable for thick material , stitch quality .

2,Large working area , maximum working area 1200*800mm .

3,Industry heavy duty machine structure , ensure accurate sewing .

4,Open pneumatic clamping system , drive by air cylinders .

5,Strong motor offer powerful drive force on needle bar to ensure needle sewing on thick and heavy material material go smoothly .

6,Equipped with triple size rotary hook , suitable for thicker thread sewing , less frequency of bobbin change , improve productivity .

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    ALL kind of thicker material or leather material sewing. such as:Car seat pattern sewing, 3D car seat cover pattern sewing, car door, baby pushchair(pad), children safety chair, cushion tufting, sofa bed,furniture cover, carpet, footpad, body armor, backpack, 3D garment template sewing, etc.

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