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Products > Programmable Pattern > Computerized Quilting in Frame Type Machine ( Rotary Head )

Main Features & Functions

Higheat speed up to 2500rpm, normal working speed 2000-2300rpm with precise quilting.
Auto thread-cuting function which is suitable for individual jump quilting pattern, it saves labpr and time on manual thread trimming work.
Automatic roating head teachnology, machine will rotating head automatically after finishing quilting. It is easy to change frame for quilting, saving time and high efficiency.
Speacific custom made sewing head, with individual presser foot driving, suitable for various thickness of quilting materials.
Adjustable and extendable quilting frame, able to adjust the frame size according to the qualiting demand.
Four Panasonic servo motors provide powerful and accurate driving force.
Automatic oil lubrication sya=stem (lubrication times can be set accroding to the quantity of stitch), ensure machine stable working at high speed.
Equipped with Original Japanese jumbo Koban rotary hook and bobbin.
Thread breakage deter=ction device can stop the machine once thread is broken.Machine can continuous the quilting work at the stopping point after re-threading.
Advanced LED lighting system gives brightness with tracking the entire quilting work, energy saving.

  • Specification

    • Taiwan linear guide rails make sewing head and saddletree move quietly and smoothly, the space between needle and hook is more stable

    • Installed infrared facility increases safety factor (option).

    • Stable and reliable movable knives cutting system.

    • German made IGUS energy chains. rigid and durable with longer lifetime.

    • Drived separately by Panasonic servo motors, given higher precision quiliting work.

    • V21 touch screen (10.4 inch ) computer control system.

    • Optional Sewing Head.

    • Easy frame changer ( Double layers ) There are two chioces as options : 1. one quilting machine. quilting machine +1 easy frame changer

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