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K-Series Tubular 2 Heads

K-Series Tubular 4 Heads

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads

K-Series Tubular 8 Heads

K-Dual 4 heads

K-Dual 6 heads

K-Dual 8 heads

Dual 1X1 machine

Dual 1X1 machine



DM-Tubular Series







Korea Machine Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Jun. 1974 and started producing industrial sewing machines, and developed automatic thread trimming sewing machines in 1988.

We started enlarging our overseas businesses by establishing Foshan SunStar Precision Co., Ltd. and extended SunStar Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2002 in China. Also, we established overseas corporations and branch offices in India, Brazil, Europe and etc.

Our sewingmachine was selected as the World Best Product in the field of industrial sewing machine in 2006. SunStar has been the leader of sewing industry in Korea, and it started to leap as global company as we integrated Korean Machine Industry Co., Korea Special Precision Co. and Korea Electricity Co. into one company under the name of SunStar. Established in Jul. 1990, SunStar Precision Co., Ltd. started researching the multi-heads automatic embroidery machine, and became the first company that succeeded in localizing the embroidery machine. We have established a foothold to grow as the integrated maker by merging with SunStar Precision Co., Ltd., No. 1 embroidery machine company in the world.

Also, we merged with SunStar Machinery Co., Ltd., the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit awarded company by accomplishing $100 million export volume, and became the unison of brands in the world as well as in Korea. Currently, SunStar manufactures and sells the highest quality sewing machine, industrial sewing machine motors and computerized embroidery machine controllers in the sewing industry to the world as world’s leading total maker as well as the representative brand in Korea.

Korea Machine Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Jun. 1974 and started producing industrial sewing machines, and developed automatic thread trimming sewing machines in 1988.

SunStar attained its worldwide customers with its leading technology, high uality and reasonable price. SunStar’s products establish comfortable work environment with low noise and vibration. They realize fast, stable sewing speed, and elegant sewing work. Our SunStar embroidery machines are exported to 150 countries in the world with No. 1 share in overseas market as well as within Korea. In addition to the outstanding production capability, our after service is upgraded to 24 hour response service system and is being the main reason why customers are choosing our products. We are gaining more reputation from markets with high performances, high quality professional product configuration. The world’s first large pattern sewing machine enabled revolutionary improvement in productivity. Also, the products provide total solution according to customers’ demands with items such as jean, air bag, car seat, embroidery and etc.

SunStar's sewing machines and embroidery machines are integrated with high-tech services that already exceeded local standards, and are competing with world leading products in their excellence and technology. SunStar will lead customer satisfaction with sewing machines and embroidery machines that will meet customers' expectations through higher innovation and advances in technology.


Coporate Identity

Meaning of SunStar

SunStar, spelled in English, the world's official language and it represents Sunstar's global status

Meaning of Color

SunStar Red(Pantone DS73-1C) represents challenge, creation, passion and spirit.

Brand Identity

(Inductrial Sewing Machine)

Same as SunStar's CI (except the oval), it is used for SunStar's sewing machines worldwide.

(Automatic Embroldery Machine)

As an abbreviation for 'SunStar with Future.' SWF is short for 'Future with SunStar.' This brand was coined in 1997 and has been used for SunStar's embroidery machines.


FORTUNA is the ‘goddess' in the myth of Rome and equivalent to 'Tyche' in the myth of Greece. This brand name is used for SunStar's servo motor products.


Management Philasophy

Maximize customer value and contributes to mankind

Maximize value and accomplish successful relationships between customers and companies. Contribute to mutual prosperity of mankind.

Best quality of products and services

Produce products and services that maximize customer satisfaction. Have best facilities which enable to produce Global No.1 Products. Have a thorough service mind.

Development of technology and the man who has wisdom and courage

SunStar's top management strategy is to secure and promote talented staff members with wisdom and courage. Through the harmony of talents and technology, SunStar continues to grow and develop.

Core Value

Customer Satixfaction

SunStar earns reputation by providing products and services beyond expectation.

People First

SunStar tries its best to provide supports for mutual improvement.

Technological Innovation

SunStar makes great effort to lead markets and to respond to customer demands through continuous research and technical innovation.

The Highest Chase

SunStar pursues Innovative thinking, fast, and accurate performance for making SunStar the No.1 company.

Challenge & Creation

SunStar plays a leading role in setting new path through passion and challenges.



There are clear reasons that SunStar sewing machines are appreciated by global customers. SunStar offers best-quality products at reasonable prices, pleasant working environment with low vibration and noises, high sewing speed, and delicate sewing work, satisfying all needs of customers. Having all high-tech features, SunStar sewing machines grab attention of world consumers with outstanding productivity, good-quality work production, and outrageous after service. SunStar offers different types of products such as large-pattern sewing machine which was the first product of its kind with dramatically improved productivity and specialized products which are designed to produce jeans, airbags, car seats, etc in the line of customer needs. These highly functional and high-quality products are well-received by global consumers. The excellence in quality and technology of SunStar products make them more attractive to the global markets.


Computerized automatic embroidery machines are a core element of the apparel industry. They are composed of around 27,000 parts. Ultra-precision design, process, assembly technology, computer-aid automatic control and other advanced technologies are necessary to produce the products. SunStar produces about 500 types of durable embroidery machines which deliver delicate embroidery, and suppress noise and vibration during embroidery work.

As such, they are recognized as top-quality products in the world. Among them, '1,500rpm embroidery machine' which boasts 1,5 times higher productivity than general machine types and the 'dual embroidery machine' which can produce different embroidery designs at the same time, are the first products of their kinds and appreciated by many customers as innovative products. In addition, SunStar compact embroidery machine series have earned explosive popularity in the world market due to their outstanding performance and excellence in producing beautiful designs. The technology which changed the global market trend is the driving force for creating the miracles of SunStar.

SunStar embroidery machines are exported to 150 countries around the world. They are ranked No. 1 in the local and overseas markets. As global top products, they are endeared by global consumers


Fortuna produces computer controller for embroidery machinery and sewing machinery in addition to servo motor mountable in all types of worldwide sewing machines.
SUNSTAR MACHINERY has obtained ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 under the quality policy of customer satisfaction and the quality goal of outgoing defect zero, and all the members are doing their best to as a reliable enterprise. Furthermore, SUNSTAR MACHINERY is continuing to develop and produce best products to enjoy an affluent future of total mechatronics with customers on the basis of accumulated technologies and a sense of duty.