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K-Series Tubular 2 Heads

K-Series Tubular 4 Heads

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads

K-Series Tubular 8 Heads

K-Dual 4 heads

K-Dual 6 heads

K-Dual 8 heads

Dual 1X1 machine

Dual 1X1 machine



DM-Tubular Series




Commercial Embroidery Machines | Industrial Embroidery Equipment

SWF USA offers industrial and commercial embroidery machines in a wide variety of styles and configurations to fit the embroidery equipment needs of small to large companies. SWF USA's embroidery equipment is intended to fill the industrial embroidery machine needs of new and established embroidery businesses.

Additionally, SWF embroidery machine experts are dedicated to providing support for and training in the use of our commercial embroidery machines. Industrial embroidery is a field that is no longer out of grasp of an upstart company. SWF makes it easy to procure and utilize your industrial embroidery machine.

SWF was founded over 30 years ago and has grown to be a leader in the distribution of industrial embroidery machines and other embroidery equipment. Our industrial embroidery machines are the result of years of research and implementation in the field of industrial embroidery.

SWF Embroidery Machine Features

Our advances in industrial embroidery machines include:

  • LCD high resolution displays
  • Dual function embroidery machines (unavailable anywhere else)
  • Embroidery machines with the largest memory capacity for designs and user configurations
  • First self-oiling embroidery machines and rapid cap frame attachments

SWF industrial embroidery machines are equipped with a gravity-fed self-oiling wick system. Keeping the oil reservoir filled is all that is required to keep your SWF USA commercial embroidery machine oiled; the process of oil distribution in your commercial embroidery machine is completely automated. In addition to a Trade-Up value guarantee, SWF also provides a 5-year parts and labor warranty for all of our commercial embroidery machines. Furthermore, SWF USA offers industrial embroidery training programs to empower our customers to fully utilize their embroidery machines.